5-Pack Baby Burp Cloths for Baby Girls

Product image 15 pack baby burp cloths girls
Product image 2baby girl held by daddy burp cloth on daddy's shoulder
Product image 3mom burping newborn baby with burp cloth on her shoulder
Product image 4large baby burp cloths girls
Product image 53 layers cotton baby burp cloths girls
Product image 6baby burp cloths girls super soft
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Product image 8large baby burp cloth for girls

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  • Ultra Soft & Absorbent Functional Triple Layer Burp Cloths --- The 2 outer layers are made from 100% cotton and the inner layer is made from polyester fleece. You can use both of the outer layers to absorb and wipe away baby’s spits up or food reflux, meanwhile the inner layer will help to prevent it from soaking through baby’s clothes as well as yours. The hypoallergenic cotton layers are absorbent yet comfortable for protecting baby’s sensitive skin form rashes.
  • Extra Large Size & Versatile Use --- Our Burp cloths are extra large in size (21"×10"), so it can perfectly fit over your shoulder with hanging down front and back. These multifunctional burp cloths can be used as cloth bib to catch baby’s dribble, baby towels to wipe a messy of food reflux, a quick changing pad while on the go, a reusable cloth wipes, etc. A magic multiple use burp cloth serves for your everyday life with your little one.
  • Stylish Burp Cloths Save Your Washing Work as A New Mom or Dad --- We designed our burp cloth with popular easy-matching colors. You can easily use them in home or go out. With our burp rags, clothes never go messy when your little one burp or spit up and a bunch of washing works will be solved. It must be easier to wash the burp rags than clothes of both yours and your baby’s, right?
  • Best Baby Shower Gift Ever! -- Know someone who is welcoming a new little bundle of joy? Every new Mom-to be or Dad-to-be will fall in love with this considerate burping gift set as it will not only help them a lot in taking better care of their little one but also reduces the work for them as new parents. This stylish and functional burp cloth set should be the best choice!
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! -- We are confident that you will fall in love with our adorable burp cloths, but if in any way you are not 100% satisfied with this burp cloth set, please feel free to contact us. We tack care of our customers’ suggestion and will full refund you the amount with no question asked. Order Now Without Risk!

    Package Include: 5 × burp cloths for girls
    Material: 100% absorbent organic cotton on both of the outer layer
                    100% soft polyester fleece for the inner layer
    Size: 21" × 10"
    Recommended age use: 0-24 month
    Washing instructions:
    Machine wash the burp cloth with mild washing detergent, always use the gentle cycle. To avoid skin irritation, do not use bleach. Dry them with the lowest setting in the dryer or hang them flat to dry.
    Improper machine washing and drying may cause color fading and shape or size alteration.

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