How to Burp Your Baby with Upsimples Burp Cloth ?

It's important to burp baby at each feeding. When your baby drinks, she/he can't help but swallow a little air along with her breast milk or formula. But having those air bubbles trapped in her tummy can make her feel uncomfortable and full before she's really finished eating.


❤ Here Are 3 Ways to Burp Your Baby for Your Reference

  • On your shoulder: Put one piece of burp cloth on your shoulder and hold your baby firmly against your shoulder. Support her bottom with one hand, and pat or rub her back with the other.
  • Sitting up: Hold your baby in a seated position on your lap, leaning slightly forward. Support baby's head and chest with one hand which hold a burp cloth under baby's chin while you pat or rub with the other hand.
  • Face-down on your lap: Put one burp cloth flat on your laps. Place your baby tummy-down across your lap (her stomach will be on one of your legs, her head on the other, turned sideways). With one hand securely holding baby, pat or rub her back with the other.


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Happy Burping Your Little One (:


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