How to Swaddle Your Little One




Swaddling will create a slight pressure around your baby's body, which may give him a sense of security. The sensation mirrors the pressure he once felt in your womb. It may help your baby to calm down if he is over-stimulated, also encourage your baby to sleep peacefully.

 5-steps to swaddle your baby

  • Lay a blanket on a flat surface like a diamond and fold down the top corner about 6 inches to form a straight edge.
  • Place your baby on his back so that the top of the fabric is at shoulder level.
  • Bring your baby's left arm down. Pull the corner of the blanket near his left hand over his arm and chest, and tuck the leading edge under his back on his right side.
  • Bring your baby's right arm down. Pull the corner of the blanket near his right hand over his arm and chest, and tuck the cloth under his left side.
  • Twist or fold the bottom end of the blanket and tuck it loosely behind your baby, making sure that both legs are bent up and out from his body, his hips can move, and his legs can spread apart naturally.


Don't swaddle your baby too tightly, as this may affect his physical development. Always make sure he has plenty of room to move his legs up and out at the hips. Improper swaddling by tightly wrapping your baby's legs straight down may loosen the joints and damage the soft cartilage of the hip sockets, leading to hip dysplasia.

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Enjoy you swaddle time (:


P.S.  I have found a guiding video for you from Baby Center about *how to swaddle your baby*, watch it with this link

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